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‘£800,000 Energy Contract Success’

Major Contract Delivered on time and within budget

Following on from their award at the Northern Ireland Plumbing and Heating industry awards night, CTS Projects have just signed over their latest energy efficiency scheme.

The scheme of 133 houses which benefitted from new insulation and energy efficient gas boilers had a value of close to £800,000.

The residents of Lurgantarry, Tarry Drive, Soye Gardens, Cambell Walk and Kilwilkie Road have been singing the praises of the award winning professional company since the first van pulled up.

Michael Tallon, the chairperson of the Lurgantarry Community Group said “we are delighted with the gas upgrades, we have immediately seen the effects of cheaper electricity and heating costs.

“Tenants are more than satisfied with their upgrades and have praised the contractor for their timely and effective works.

The NIHE were the contract awarding body and the Lurgan District Housing Officer, Anne McGrath has echoed the sentiment of the community.

“The scheme has been very successful and the contractor has conducted their work in a professional manner and to the highest quality standards.

Praising his work force, Managing Director Connaire McGreevy commended all his team for their continued best endeavours in developing into a class winning heating and energy efficiency unit.

“We continue to do one thing really well and by doing so we do it great,” Mr. McGreevy added.